Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Year New You!

13 is normally considered the most unluckiest of numbers, however I challenge everyone to take this year and defy the number 13 curse, with that being said here are my 13 Must Dos for the year:

  1. Release toxicity - If you're not in my circle to compliment but to condemn then get out.
  2. Learn something new every 30 days - Make time for growth and self knowledge, you'll never get  bored.
  3. Increase my vocabulary - Just as mama use to say, use my words
  4. Be self-positive - Stop self-doubting my actions and go for it.
  5. Self-promotion - It's time to market me, my accomplishments and seek the spotlight
  6. Take Passion Classes - No not the lovemaking kind, but classes on what makes me happy (i.e., writing, baking, and traveling) not that lovemaking doesn't make me happy I just don't need a class on that right now ;)
  7. Tap into my spirituality - Be at peace with self and continue to seek peace
  8. Drink more wine - This may work with Must Do #7, wine somehow gives me peace :)
  9. Patience - Be more patient with others, with myself and with my endeavors
  10. Cut down on Facebook - Facebook has proven to be toxic.  Honestly I can care less who has went where and with who. The Check-in app was the worst thing ever created!
  11. Read a new novel every month - Imagination equals beauty, there is nothing more special than checking out for a minute or two :)
  12. Willfully admit wrongs - I don't have time to ponder how can I argue a wrong.  If it's wrong, its wrong, admit, move on and learn.
  13. Increase my FU Fund - If Must Dos 1-12 don't work out, at least I'll have a fantastic FU fund to tell those who are pissing me off FU, enabling me to vacation, spend frivolously, and provide me with some quick retail therapy relief!
Well folks that's Blacktina's Terrific 13 for 2013, may I suggest you do the same, build it, follow it, and embrace it!  Happy New Year!

Peace Out, 

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