Sunday, December 30, 2012

Pretty Girls Rock!

Men will always be men, no matter how successful they are the one thing they cannot control is their penis! Just ask Bill Clinton, Mark Sanford, Jessie Jackson, Arnold Schwarzenegger and the countless other intelligent prosperous men.  For the past six weeks I had front row seats in watching a Vice President of an organization in which I was transitioning, trust me it was real temporary stop, lol, make a complete ass of himself as he fawned all over one very attractive lady.  It was so obvious you could literally see the erection every time he past by her.

The crazy thing is the young lady is of a highly intelligent caliber, therefore the excuse of her moving ahead can be merited based on her productivity and results.  The issue was not of her caliber but of the obvious display of favoritism.  This VP would visit our office every other week and would not talk to anyone but her.  When on a conference call anything she said was deemed GOLD, anything anyone else said was SHIT! The one incident that solidified this experience was a visit to the main office in which I accompanied this young lady.  While visiting the VP only met with me once and it was with the person who he was obviously in love with.  During the day we separated as we went about our ventures.  Towards the end of the day I was looking for the young lady to let her know we'll be departing. When I couldn't find her I approached the VP who abrasively told me she was in a conference room.  As I walked to retrieve her, he scooted through the office like the Tasmanian Devil and ran through the cubicle maze to beat me to the conference room.  He had no idea that I was once a sprint runner so when I saw him do his dart dance, I went into sprint mode and beat his ass.  As I opened up the door he was huffing right behind me, LOL.  As I started to speak he began to interrupt.  I kindly continued to talk and said I won't be long and all I wanted to tell her is we'll be leaving in 15 minutes please be ready. She kindly agreed and I walked off, smiling and cracking up to myself.   This little incident clearly let me know this guy is NUTS and I really don't want to work for him.

Some may think other women may become jealous of these actions. Actually when we get older its the contrary.  I've been in corporate America for 25 years. During my tenure I was admired by those of high distinction. What I do know is looks fade and they're always be a young honey behind you. What I also know is men can be vindictive especially powerful men.  What this young lady doesn't see is if his advances in any way are not met the backlash could be damaging to her career at the company.  I'm not referring to him trying to sleep with her, but the mere fact if she misses a deadline cause she was dining with her husband may be enough to set him off.  While some may think the VP attraction is flattering its actually dangerous.

After witnessing this debacle after two weeks I found another job.  Part of my reasoning for leaving stemmed from 1) I will not be part of trying proving myself and have my results overlooked and 2) The young lady is the one who referred me; with this being said if she's up shits creek for not responding to his advances where would that leave me.  After my fourth week I gave my notice to HR not to my boss the VP.  When he heard of my notice he called the young lady and asked her why was I leaving, she said I found another opportunity.  He then called me which I do believe he should of called me first and asked 1) Why didn't I tell him first and 2)Was it personal? My responses were:
1) I didn't call you first because we hardly speak and I thought it was best to go to proper channels.
2) How could it be personal when again we hardly speak.

He went on to tell me he had an open door policy, and of course I disputed his claim with an answer you may have an open door but that's reserved for certain people.  At the end of our conversation he told me to make sure I hug the young lady and ask her to never leave the organization! As I rolled literally cracked up, I told him I think we all know how you feel and I do believe its inappropriate to give a hug on your behalf.  I wished him luck and hung up!

Personally I am thrilled to be out of there, God is good! I found something else that is suitable to my aspirations.  Yet I am equally thrilled at the lesson learned. I am proud that I quickly recognized what was going on and refused to try to challenge the system in proving myself.  This was an unworthy cause and sometimes we need to know when to get out quickly.  Before leaving I informed my colleague of my thoughts. Prior to I let her know it had nothing to do with her ability, her work is flawless.  Yet it could be challenged if his attentions are not met, she needs to be careful and recognize if someone is over flattering you there's some sinister aspect going on.  For him to berate everyone and always treat her like a corporate princess is raised eyebrows enough for everyone to see.  All I want is for her to raise her eyebrows and beware!

Peace Out,

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