Sunday, March 17, 2013

Do I Laugh or Cry?

I don't know whether to laugh or cry.  Laugh for the mere fact that I'm astonished and I don't know why but nonetheless astonished that we actually had advertising that demoralized ethnicity(s) in such an atrocious way; or cry knowing that these feeling although hidden by some still exist today! Courtesy of take a look at some of the common ads that plagued our society less than 100 years ago!

Peace Out,

Monday, March 11, 2013

Little Women!

Sheryl Sandberg, Marissa Mayer and all you stuck up little women who go around bullying others including fellow women as if you had a prosthetic penis attached to your vagina, let me me just say "You my dears are setting women back 100 years and then some!"
Women in Corporate America in general have made great strides; some of us are comfortable with still being Mommy's, wives, daughters, etc. Your recent public actions have insinuated that in order for a woman to achieve greatness she has to basically give up her family.  Maybe it's OK for you two and your comrades who make a million + + +, but it's not something every woman should or needs to do. We should be able to tend to our families; just like a man should and keep our positions as well as elevate.  The very act of saying that we can't lends credence to the male dominant opinion who's perception is we can't do both, a contradiction I'm sure many women unequivocally can dispute.  Our defense lies in the simple fact that we do it everyday without "domestic" help like you two ladies.

Before you go on 60 minutes and grace the cover of Time magazine may I suggest you get a grip and watch your words.   Sheryl and Marissa, I'm sure surrogate sisters somehow, do not represent the average woman in Corporate America as a matter of fact they represent a very small percentage of women who most likely have a hefty therapist fund for their children as they struggle with separation issues.  Lastly I truly hope both of these so-called corporate maniacal women are not taken seriously and many others such as myself go out their way to vehemently refute their so-called claims!  In retrospect I'm a mother first and a professional second, in my book a hug from my child is worth far more than a pat on the back from my boss (mic down)!

Side Note: I wasn't going to go here but if I have to or I wouldn't be Blacktina; could it be the message of these two women stem from them being white? After all isn't it common in the white culture for others to tend to their children? Throughout slavery it's no secret Mammy raised the children.  One of the most celebrated movies of 2012 publicized this very action in The Help.  Curious is this a cultural thing that these two very rich women share the same opinion because they have the same upbringing and in turn expect the same "return" as it pertains to child rearing? Just curious........

Peace out,