Sunday, June 30, 2013

Feeling Dogged by DOMA - the VRA Compromise

This week has been the the week of two historic events for our nation.

1) The gays are happy, DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) has been upheld by the Supreme Court.  According to one of my friends who's been with her wife for 25 years, she's finally rich!

2) The Supreme Court declared parts of the VRA (Voting Rights Acts) no longer need to be upheld and local government can control some of these aspects as they see fit. Translation, states can require ID (which I don't see as a problem), however, they can also
determine what the local government can constitute in terms of the right and access to vote (i.e, closing polls early, eliminate Sunday voting, etc.).  According to Chief Justice Roberts parts of this law was in place to combat discrimination, but since we're no longer a racist society we no longer need these parts of protection.  Hmmmm.....we're no longer racist?!?!? John may need to call Paula Deen and get that little fact checked.

As a black hispanic woman I am pisst at both of these events.  Yep, I said BOTH.  I am all for gay equality but I resent the gays get their way while the opposition of the VRA affects majority of minorities.  All along, the gay community supported their argument on the backs of the civil rights movement that affected the African American community; but how is that they get equality and we continually get discriminated? Where are the gays now? Do they still feel like blacks? I don't think so......

Part of DOMA's passing is strongly contributed that many of the right wing's children, other family members, etc. are "coming out" and in support of their families many of the legislation supporting the gays are being passed.  Makes me wonder should we call Henry Louis Gates,  Jr. to research some of the right wing politicians and verify perhaps maybe one fifth of their black blood; would it change their minds and affect their political standing.  Here's an interesting fact, some probably know their "tainted" ancestry and choose to ignore it or obliterated all together. But when it comes to their gay son and his long time "roommate" these are acts that can no longer be avoided and rather than alienate your child, let's enact laws to protect "Kyle". 

I think this reasoning is a pure crock of shit! Where are the gays now besides crowding court houses with their weddings.  Do they still side with the plight of African Americans during the civil rights movement? Or are they asking "Big Daddy" to walk Junior down the aisle?

Yes, America it's a sad day, it's proof that it's all about the privilege!  While this still remains it will always be one step forward to two steps back.  Going forward as a minority community we need to step up whenever another community tries to use our plight to compare to their whims.  The Jews would have NEVER allowed anyone to compare their discrimination to the holocaust, how dare we allow another group to do the same.  Hopefully, now everyone sees and just like in slavery time that Miss Anne would drop your ass in a minute once she gets what she wants!

I can't say today who are our black leaders, cause honestly I really don't see any.  I see complacent, I see turmoil, I see disenfranchisement, I don't see much PROGRESS.  People we got to start stepping up big time; if not there will be more than some VRA opposition.   In the words of 90s hip hop song by the Brand Nubians "Wake up, Wake up"!

Peace Out,