Sunday, November 11, 2012

Interviews - Oh my God, Why!?!?!

There are millions of Americans looking for jobs and are in desperate need of one.  In the same token there are also millions of American who are just plain sick and tired of working, the interview process and just giving part of their life away to a company who quite frankly can give two shits if you live or die.  With that being said here are a few things we are tired of:

  1. The interview process -  First of all stop asking applicants, "tell me about your resume", honestly didn't you look at it, did it seem to be a fit, why tell you about my resume and basically re-explain.  We are so tired of this BS question.  I am dying to tell an interviewer, "did you read it", "now what questions do you have", don't make me regurgitate what's already in front of you.  This process is stupid and a waste of everyone's time.
  2. What can you do for me - This question during an interview makes me laugh.  What can I do for you? Let me approach this a few ways 1) what attracted you to my resume, apparently you think I can do something for you, so you tell me what is.  The reason I bring this is up is the interviewer should know the ins and outs of the job and therefore is the one who recognizes you are the fit accompanied with the reason.  So, the question what can you do for me is basically null especially when they know the answer already. What an interviewer should do is fill in the gaps about the position regarding company culture, co-workers, management, deadlines, etc. And then ask how do you think on personal level you can fit in.  Ah, that makes more sense as oppose to you wanting me to sell myself when apparently on the surface you already like the product!
  3. The Callback - This goes out to recruiters, do not sweat me for my time, blow up my phone and emails; only for you to do the following: 
    1. Have about 10 other applicants from your agency also interview; which in turns reduces my chances.
    2. Refer me to a position in which some aspect I'm not completely qualified for just to pad your roster to the client
    3. Feedback - learn how to keep in touch even when an applicant doesn't get the job.  It would be helpful if you gave constructive feedback instead of dropping an applicant like a one night stand.
Personally I view Corporate America as toxic as heroin.  With all its methodologies, titles and bureaucracy it is no wonder nobody is chasing to go back to work.  I know some of the smartest people who have been out of work for 2 years plus, while they may be stressful in paying the bills, they are however some of the most stress free happy people I know.  While this re-election may finally bring about some jobs, Corporate America needs a make over in particular the interviewing process.  Stop treating people like they don't have experience, or as if they're desperate.  It's time to treat people like guess what PEOPLE!  Treat interviewees as if they're intelligent stop wasting their time and exercising your bravado/authority.  Your actions aren't impressing anybody it just frustrating a certain sector.  Most companies like to complain they're aren't enough qualified applicants yet the real issues is they're aren't enough qualified interviewers.  Get it together people stop the BS and get with the modern times and learn how to be REAL!

Peace Out,

Thursday, November 8, 2012

OJ vs Obama - Whitey Anger!

It may be just my imagination but white people are mad as all HELL!  They're mindsets are like OK we let you in one time, but twice, that's it, Damm it I am pisst off.  You know when white people say "damm it", all hell is about to break loose.  The clear realization that they are no longer the majority is freaking them out like no other! What makes matters worst they cannot even condemn one race, it's not a black, brown or yellow thing, it now seems like all colors are working together and white man particularly the Republican party is on the oust.  A perfect example of their venom towards this shift is the 400 crowd protest at Ole Miss.  Btw - what a waste of education if you're spending your time protesting a black man being president.  What the hell are you guys learning there? You would think this generation would have more sense than their Grandpappy's, but I guess not.  Blood is thick and so are the prejudices that run through it.  Check out this article courtesy of the MPB News.  Take note of the quote "The south will rise again."

Anti-Obama Protest at Ole Miss Opens Old Scars

Peace Out,

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Tea, the Beverage of Choice?

He did it again! Barack Obama is officially the President re-elect! We can all breathe a sigh of relief, take a long nap and overall just feel proud that we live in a democracy. Despite all of the rhetoric we the people have choose our leader.

While on a personal note I am elated that Barack Obama has been re-elected, I am equally saddened by the state of our country in particular the division of parties.  Historically the parties are meant to be divided, however the separation of today is much more visceral to the point where it's dangerous and irresponsible, can you say Donald Trump.

Throughout the legacy of politics parties have worked together for the betterment of America. During the Reagan years many Democrats worked with Republicans in implementing some of the social programs that are privy to us today.  During the Nixon years in which by the way he's the President who enacted Section 8 and was a Republican, he too worked with the Democrats, despite his Watergate issues (yikes).  The point here is we always found a way to compromise.  As we look at our current times we can only wonder, what happened? Why the change?

One of the main changes that I've witnessed since Obama took office in 2008 is the emergence and the affect outside groups have had on a party, in particular the Tea Party.  The Republicans complain the Democrats do not have a backbone yet their the ones who succumbed to the whims of this radical party who give a poor reputation to the original intent of the Tea Party.  Never in the history of politics have we seen a party become demoralized, negatively influenced and exercise poor judgment as result of coupling with a group of radicals.  Republicans we need you, the nation needs to become one.  Despite disagreements we can still make this the America it should be.  Stop drinking the tea! Give it up, be you, regroup. Re-acquaint yourself with original morals of the Republican party.  After all you're the ones who freed the slaves, don't retract what your party has done all to align yourselves with a group who clearly lacks vision and intelligence.  Drop them peeps!

While I'm sure parties will continue to disagree at least the disagreements would be based on merits and not on radical speculation.  American let's come together and stop the bull! The people who have voted you in have done so with the confidence that egos and tea will be left at the door so you the elected officials can walk into chamber and continue to make this the land of the beautiful and home of the brave!

Peace Out,

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Vote - Am I My Brother's Keeper!

Every time I hear the phrase "Am I My Brother's Keeper" I think of New Jack City.  Contrary to the premise of New Jack City, this phrase has wandered through the minds of many within the Black community throughout this election.

Many pundits have insinuated that African Americans vote for Barack Obama because he's black.  While I disagree with the overall statement I have to concur that part of me does vote for Obama because he looks like me, acts a little like me and for some reason I kind of think he knows what we go through as a person of color. After all before he became President he was just another black man, regardless of the white in him, which biologically was clearly wiped out. When you see Barack Obama and hear his name you think Black, period!  But while white people love to contend this is a race thing, then they should also be brave enough to admit that they too will vote for Romney because he's white! Here's where the difference lies if Barack Obama was a "Herman Cain" for the most part black people wouldn't even bother; it would be Clarence Thomas all over again.  However with white people who are suffering just as much as we are and are part of the 47% will still vote for Romney not only cause he's white but because Barack Obama is black!  This act of ad hominem which appeals to the feeling of prejudices rather than intellect is what has drove this country apart.  I truly hope for the sake of this country and the well being of all Americans that we vote based on issues, resolutions and overall betterment of America!  Despite who you choose, choose for the right reasons not just for same color!

Check out this article by Slate, excellent perspective on white voting!

Peace Out,