Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Vote - Am I My Brother's Keeper!

Every time I hear the phrase "Am I My Brother's Keeper" I think of New Jack City.  Contrary to the premise of New Jack City, this phrase has wandered through the minds of many within the Black community throughout this election.

Many pundits have insinuated that African Americans vote for Barack Obama because he's black.  While I disagree with the overall statement I have to concur that part of me does vote for Obama because he looks like me, acts a little like me and for some reason I kind of think he knows what we go through as a person of color. After all before he became President he was just another black man, regardless of the white in him, which biologically was clearly wiped out. When you see Barack Obama and hear his name you think Black, period!  But while white people love to contend this is a race thing, then they should also be brave enough to admit that they too will vote for Romney because he's white! Here's where the difference lies if Barack Obama was a "Herman Cain" for the most part black people wouldn't even bother; it would be Clarence Thomas all over again.  However with white people who are suffering just as much as we are and are part of the 47% will still vote for Romney not only cause he's white but because Barack Obama is black!  This act of ad hominem which appeals to the feeling of prejudices rather than intellect is what has drove this country apart.  I truly hope for the sake of this country and the well being of all Americans that we vote based on issues, resolutions and overall betterment of America!  Despite who you choose, choose for the right reasons not just for same color!

Check out this article by Slate, excellent perspective on white voting!


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