Thursday, November 8, 2012

OJ vs Obama - Whitey Anger!

It may be just my imagination but white people are mad as all HELL!  They're mindsets are like OK we let you in one time, but twice, that's it, Damm it I am pisst off.  You know when white people say "damm it", all hell is about to break loose.  The clear realization that they are no longer the majority is freaking them out like no other! What makes matters worst they cannot even condemn one race, it's not a black, brown or yellow thing, it now seems like all colors are working together and white man particularly the Republican party is on the oust.  A perfect example of their venom towards this shift is the 400 crowd protest at Ole Miss.  Btw - what a waste of education if you're spending your time protesting a black man being president.  What the hell are you guys learning there? You would think this generation would have more sense than their Grandpappy's, but I guess not.  Blood is thick and so are the prejudices that run through it.  Check out this article courtesy of the MPB News.  Take note of the quote "The south will rise again."

Anti-Obama Protest at Ole Miss Opens Old Scars

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