Monday, January 21, 2013

The NBA We Ain't

OK folks POTUS has been inaugurated for a second term. Sonia Sotomayor swore in Vice President, Joe Biden.  Beyonce sang the National Anthem.  Roberto Blanco was the poet at today's ceremony, who's not only hispanic but also gay! To say we had an eclectic group as part of this historical ceremony would be putting it mildly.  However, what I will say is appreciate it now because it will be a long long long time before this much flavor is part of any future inaugurations!

In the words of Keyshia Cole, Trust and Believe the caucus of white politicians are getting ready for 2016 and will put a kibosh to all these ethnic shenanigans, LOL!  If there is one lesson to be learned is that the road to the white house will not be a repeat of the NBA.  Up until the early 1960's till the emergence of Wilt Chamberlin believe or not the NBA was mostly white players.  The players were not accustomed to a fast paced dunking game and as you probably can guess the rhythm was quite off.  Then in 1962 here comes Wilt Chamberlin and all of sudden all the Negroes got in, LOL.  Somewhere there's some white man in a grave regretting ever integrating the NBA.  But I assure you this will not be the problem with politics, because the NBA they are not.  So, peeps enjoy our President or as like to say the modern day monarchy (been watching Downton Abbey, forgive me)  cause I am not sure if we will ever again in our life time witness an historical event of such great magnitude!

Congrats Barack, now lower my taxes and stop bullshiting! OK on the real Congrats you're better than what we had, and I know in your conscious you will try to do your best!

Peace Out,

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