Sunday, September 22, 2013

Is it Me or You?

Randall Kerrik, Johnathan Ferrell
Last weekend in Charlotte, NC Johnathan Ferrell an unarmed 25 year old FAMU graduate was shot and killed by police officer Randall Kerrik.  As I write this I wish this were a new occurrence or at the very least something that would shock me, but regrettably I feel neither.  As I heard the officer was charged all I could think of was why bother he's going to get away with it anyway; so don't waste our time with the hype, the marches, the special "probed" investigation. We all know how the story ends.  The jury will find the officer innocent cause he feared for his life, exercised the necessary precautions, blah, blah and Mr. White Officer goes home, while again we lose another black man.

At this point I don't many others who aren't desensitized by these types of events.  We've seen it with Travyon Martin, Sean Bell, Amadou Diallo, Oscar Grant, Emmitt Till and countless other unnamed victims.  The introspection of my desensitization made me realize that it wasn't that I longer cared, it was that I understood the root of the problem, which is, it not us but THEM and their FEARS.

Why are white people so afraid of black people? And I mean afraid to the point where they shoot first, not just once but multiple times, at least more than 10.  Almost as to ensure you better be dead! Apparently we're not all cut out like 50 Cent who can get shot multiple times and live.  The reality is white people have this panicked fear of us.  Never have we seen a case in which a white person shot and killed an unarmed person of any race more than we have seen with black people, not even during 9/11 when middle easterners were perceived as the enemy.  When  I look at these events I just shake my head, because I just don't get it! Why are you afraid? Historically you have been the dominant race, enslaved us and to this day supersede us educationally and economically. So why the fear?

Some may say the fear comes of out of white guilt, but I think the fear comes from the perceived take over. Similar to slavery, when a negro became insolent they received the whipping of a life time and at times even murder.  This was the white man's way of keeping us in line cause they thought we were savages and could erupt at any minute. Is this still the perception? White people will NEVER ADMIT to their fears, after all only a social misfit would agree to such a thing.  But for once in our lives we need them to be honest; I know that's a stretch.  The bullshit talk of I'm not racist, I have black friends, I'm for equality in hiring, housing, etc. doesn't mean shit to me if you innately have a panicked fear of me.  That fear will and it already has transcended to your descendants.  Their isn't a white person today who has owned a black person, yet they carry ancestral perceptions.  You may ask, how can that be? Well look at what's been happening since slavery ended nearly 150 years ago and tell me it has not.  To quote President Obama "the look of white woman clutching their purses", "car doors looking", "the department store personal security escort", all stems from a fear they don't want to admit but will easily act on.

Honestly I'm tired of the marches, the talks that we have to fix ourselves first, and all the typical diatribe that goes with these events.  I wish someone will really hit to the root of the problem and tell white people, No you're the problem, you're the issue, you're the one with a panic fear, you're the one who needs work, not us.  Yes, we definitely have some problems we can work on, what race doesn't.  However, when I look at these men who were murdered none of them were Pookie from the hood, which tells me it doesn't matter if we have a degree from FAMU, all that matters is the color of our skin and what is innately feared as uncontrollable savages who have to be put down like rabid dogs.  For the most part African Americans are always working hard at trying to fix themselves, but now it's time for white people to fix themselves, cause if they don't why do we even need to bother.

Peace Out,

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