Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Lena Dunham –WTF?!?!!?

Almost everyone I know has had the “curious” cousin or family friend who tried to kiss or touch you during the child game of family.  When these occurrences happened a couple of things proceeded; 1) you ran and told your parents and 2) somebody got a whipping.  Case closed! Usually the outcome was so bad for the individual they were talked about for months and not trusted to be alone with anyone.  This is how I grew up and how  my family dealt with these types of things.
Apparently, according to Lena Dunham other families may act differently, as evidenced in her new book, Not that Kind of Girl in which she described three sexual acts with her younger sister.  See quotes here. In my opinion the most disturbing aspect, is not the acts themselves but the lack of parenting.  If I caught my 7 year old opening my 1-year-old daughter’s vagina, I would have spanked the hell out of her.  This would be an opportune time to teach your child about not violating others.  Whether at 7 or 70, unless you have express permission to open up my vagina, you shouldn’t touch it.  If the excuse lies on “curiosity”, the parents still should of treated this as a teaching moment coupled with discipline.  As the old saying goes, curiosity killed the cat.  In this instance it would have killed her so-called explorations that continued throughout the years.

It is not uncommon for children to be sexually curious even at the age of 7.  After all we see our parents sleep in the same bed, closed doors, and we all have heard the creaking of a bed and perhaps a moaning.  After a while you figure they’re not playing checkers and yes you wonder what’s it like.  There is nothing abnormal about wondering. What’s abnormal is when you see a child spread someone’s legs and open a vagina and pretend this is standard behavior. This type of behavior may manifest itself into adulthood, which at this point may equate to a child predator.  By no means do I think Ms. Dunham is predator rather she was curious child.  However, by publishing this memoir and being the voice of the millennial generation, is she giving permission to say, it’s OK for your young child to be that sexually curious to the point of violating others?  Is she also willing to take responsibility for those curious children who may turn into adult predators, all because the voice of this generation said it’s OK!  I doubt Lena Dunham wants to have the ills of society on her shoulders.  But, she needs to understand her celebrity and voice have power, to jokingly minimize these acts can spiral into a resonating delusion that these practices are acceptable. 
These excerpts from Lena Dunham’s book should make your skin crawl.  Being the comedic writher that she is, I’m sure this wasn’t her original intent.  It is clear that Ms. Dunham’s upbringing lacked self-control; rather she was raised to be free, open and told this was OK. Some things are not OK, and require discretion aligned with consequences. Perhaps her parents may not have taught her this, but it’s apparent based on the outpouring of rage the media and American public will!
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