Friday, April 12, 2013

Jayonce and Obama - C'mon Son, Get the F*&k Outta Here!

OK I may go to jail for this article as its geared to my distaste of the Jayonce (Jay-Z and Beyonce) machine.  It seems these days if you say anything negative about them you're damm near anti-American.

Like many others I have bounced to their music, own CDs; as a matter of fact Get Me Bodied and Give it to me are probably some of my favorite songs - mind you this was pre-Obama.  What brings me to such discontent is Jay-Z's newest song "Open Letter" in which he boast about their trip to Cuba and goes on to mention "I might buy a kilo for Chief Keef Out of spite, I just might flood these streets, "at the end of this verses he states Obama said "chill, you gonna get me impeached" But you don't need this shit anyway.  Chill with me on the beach."  Lastly towards the end of the song he speaks of getting mad and "catching a body."

First of all Jay-Z you're 40 something, haven't you grown up?? Why are you still rapping about kilos and catching bodies.  Do you want us to believe you're still slinging drugs coupled with murderous acts.  Are you? If not may I suggest you grow up, read a book on philosophy or something and rap about something more legitimate to your world. You left Marcy projects a long time ago I sincerely doubt you and the Mrs. are renting a Section 8 apartment and chilling with the peeps.

Now for your Mr. President and your star struck ass! Out of all the people in the world you want to chill with you choose Jay-Z, really?!?! I can only imagine how intriguing a conversation must be between a Harvard graduate and a former drug dealer - are we feeling a little Dickens'ish? A little Prince and the Pauper thing going on?  I get the fact that the Jayonce machine held a very lucrative fund raiser for your re-election and you are probably eternally grateful; however, have you too lost your f@*king mind?!?!!? You are the President of the United States, the most powerful man in the world and here you are acting like the nerd who wants to hang out with the cool kids.  But haven't you heard; nerds done good, they rule this bitch and have sustainability.  Curious, do you want your daughters marryng a man like the Marcy project Jay-Z? Probably not, hell Jay-Z doesn't want his own daughter marrying that Jay-Z. 

In the end none of us can control who the President chooses to fratenize with. Though when it came to Reverend Wright he quickly ended that relationship, perhaps he should do the same with the Carters.  Personally I hope he gets some backlash for this; Fox speak up, this would be a legitimate one for you!  But I'll say this I did not vote for this type of man, the Barack Obama I voted for had a keen interest and aspirations for the betterment of all US citizens.  The 2nd term Obama is all about I'm cool as shit hanging with Jigga! Mr. President my advice to you is get it together do the job we voted you in for, mic down!

Peace Out,

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